Why You Feel Like You Are Dying

Take a moment to think about what it is you keep hidden deep in your soul. The thing you dream about every day, and it scares the literal hell out of you. Circumstances do not make it look probable, but in your heart, you know it is.

 Where does your mind go when you are in school, at work, or anywhere else for that matter? What is it that gives you hope, that gets you energized and dreaming again? Is it being a mother or a good husband one day? Is it starting a ministry to reach people who want to quit? Is it moving somewhere you have never been? Is it supporting a meaningful cause? Is it building a successful company? Regardless, there is no dream too small or too big for you to develop. Dreams are of massive importance for the health and well being of every human soul. Dreams are the seed, that when properly cared for, bloom into a life of purpose and inspiration. This dream may be buried under a lot of fear, harrowing pain, and maybe even past failures. It is possible that your dream feels dormant because of a past relationship, or how you were raised and what people told you. Perhaps, all you ever heard from those closest to you was,  “that’s stupid”, “you can never do that”, “have you thought about the conequences if this doesn’t work?”, or my favorite, just the blank stare with a subtle attempt to laugh the idea away as if it never existed. If any of these reasons are keeping you from dreaming, I am writing this to tell you that you are letting your personal insecurities override Gods purpose for your life. This is why you no longer want to wake up. This is why you feel like you have lost your purpose. This is why you feel like you are dying. You may feel confident about who you are, but you are so afraid of losing your confidence that now this insecurity has grid locked you in yesterdays potential.

Rest assured, with God, there is no such thing as a dead dream. Today is the day to try again. This year is the year to dream again.  It is of utmost importance that you do what God has put in your heart to do, and you do it soon.  Your dream will inspire those around you to do what they have been longing for permission to do for so long, a permission that has been given. Chasing after a dream is not just turning one dream into a tangible reality, it’s about awakening the dreams of everyone around you as well. Dreams are like a Lay's chip, where there is one there will always be more.

I recently watched a salamander documentary on Discovery Channel, okay I’ll be honest, it was a 3 minute YouTube clip. Amusing, I know. Although as I watched I could not stop thinking about how many of us live our lives just like the salamander. According to this clip, most salamanders will be born inside of a tree, live their entire life inside of this tree and then they will die in this tree without ever venturing out of their comfortable and secure tree. Considering most of these creatures live 10-20 years, it’s a daunting thought to think that you and I, just like these salamanders, are trying to play it safe by staying in our own little trees. Maybe it is time to do something about what you have been feeling in your heart for so long. Maybe it is time to be brave. Maybe this is your time to dream again.

Caleb Stanley6 Comments