Operation M46

Client Preview


I am excited to show you these Moment session drafts. A couple things to notice:

- These are not color corrected 

- Audio is not final, this will be polished once you confirm what you see. 

- Any comments you want to make - please put them in a word document and send them over. Ken is looking through each session adding any constructive notes that he thinks need to happen. 

Once we get a green light on these we will finilize color and audio and these will be ready for distrubtion by our Fathers Day launch date.




Note to Ken - I just want a second look on the cuts. I will add in the music and a more accurate in/out once we merge these with main sessions. (No color or anything here until we get a thumbs up on the cuts) 



Below you will find the cut's of the main teaching sessions.

If we get an all clear on these cuts we can overlay the story board narratives on each of these and finlize this audio. (Audio has not been touched) You will also see a couple clips here and there that may need to be motion stablized in our final version. 




FINALS - I say this losely. But as we move into this next phase these are videos that are ready to go. Now you may (and probably will with the extent of content we have) see some adjustments you may want to make. That is what we are here for :)

 Below you will find our promo and the MOMENTS that made the cut. 


Once these are approved I will share a link that allows you to download these files.