Caleb grew up on the south side of Atlanta, Ga. As a 24 year old who attended Liberty University, Caleb helped found The Alternative, a ministry reaching thousands in the Atlanta area through monthly gatherings that united the local church and acted as a catalytic event, sparking unity and passion in the local community. As a published Zondervan author, writing The Alternative: Awaken Your Dream, Unite Your Community, Live In Hope, and a Leadership Network Associate, Caleb loves to share how God can take a small dream and do something incredible. With a passion for creativity, he is also filmmaker and producer, working with with Chickfila, Porsche, and several independent artists. Caleb is engaged to Masey McLain and currently lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Caleb Stanley is passionate about sharing this message to students and adults all across the country. No event is too small or too far.

If you are interested in having Caleb share at your gathering, please email caleb@calebstanley.com.


Remember The Promise

A. quick highlight from The Alternative gathering, early 2017

Keep Stepping

A message from The Gathering Conference.How do we carry on when we've been let down, when what we hoped for was lost. How do we keep stepping when life slows us down, when the enemy is chasing us, and we don’t have the strength to keep going…

See The Wind

A message from ThreeLife Church. Life can be challenging, vision can be blurry. How do have courage in the unknown? How do we step into uncertainty? What does it mean to “see the wind”…